On March 25, 2015 Christian Louboutin Online, is famous for its red bottom shoes Christian Louboutin brand the yintai center in Beijing held a men's and women's boutique opening party, founder of the Christian Louboutin also personally go to Beijing to participate in this event, Mr Site gathered a large number of devotees to worship of the old brand, liyan tong also handsome appearance, with Mr Christian Louboutin witness the happy moment.
Liyan tong day put on her first pair of custom shoes, looked very happy, and when Mr Christian Louboutin said she looks like his dry daughter, she is smiling, two people originally of strangeness vanished, lets the scene the good friends to come to the first glimpse the old brand also released the original of this constraint, resonating with a group photo with Mr Christian Louboutin.
Mr Christian Louboutin Wore a little red riding hood to Mr Christian Louboutin is something of Cheap Christian Louboutin a literary youth in full-on, there is a bit grey tie, and it's really a formidably handsome feet in the shoes, believe that will soon become the ICONS are for hot money.
ChristianLouboutin2015 spring and summer series shoes, the famous red bottom high heels is women high heel dream.The Christian Louboutin spring and summer series with the gorgeous colour, even is the graffiti type geometry stitching new interpretation of the shoe style, national style with the local culture as a design inspiration.The height of the heel is still challenge this season, red bottom.
Recent hail Christian Louboutin Louis vuitton handbags series, no two is thunder.Europe and the United States every super star actress started domineering snapped, "in gas blunt day" of the street, you don't know can out cough up!
à¡¢out LV x series of Christian Louboutin
As for "salute Monogram service", the special tribute at the Cheap Christian Louboutin for Monogram service created a wonderful surprise works, works into his personal unique design elements, the red (no doubt), metal stud, feminine bows.His shopping bag magically creates a Paris woman, she, as usual, chic and impeccably, even carrying the shopping bag on business.The maverick handbags Monogram service canvas and bring out the best in each other, the handbag on the back of the little red ox hair is suck.Bag with leather ribbon and embedded some rivets bag as a decoration, highlights its practicability, for internal space space made the optimization of the layout and the location of the pocket.
Christian Louboutin Louis Vuitton hand in hand, Cindy Sherman, Christian Louboutin sandals Frank Gehry, Karl unabashed Lagerfeld, Marc (and sichuan long bao ling cooperative launched six artists Monogram service series.Christian Louboutin series of them particularly eye-catching, dense rivet arrangement costly expensive gas, red flip and classic red bottom shoes have the same effect, diva snapped up no adversary, so swagger bag, who doesn't love?
Cheap Christian Louboutin Red bottom shoes master kristen - louboutin design Christian Louboutin sandals as beautiful as his shoes, shopping series set for girls envy, is red and for classic Monogram service at the same time joined the somewhat costly temperament.
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