Life without a variety of electronic Cheap tablets products and network applications, according to the habits, can be divided into two kinds of people.The mouse, you use cable or wireless?Watching TV drama, you enjoy online or download?Headphones, do you like in-ear or wearing a type?Choose A or B,? And what's the difference between this two weekly for you answer.Modern express reporter Wu Shuang The mouse and keyboard
Wireless keyboard wireless mouse and keyboard is the biggest advantage of can realize remote parts of the computer operation, also convenient to carry.Defect is clear, however, is vulnerable to external interference, lead to failure occasionally, Cheap tablets it may not be able to accept for game users.And wireless keyboard using battery power, replace the battery is annoying. Keyboard cable has the advantage of high precision, interference from other electronic devices, is the game players and have higher request for keyboard or required by the user.Faults nature is not easy to carry, routes, for people who do not like bound, cable keyboard is not a good choice.
The headset
In-ear headphones with good sound insulation effect, to walk like listening Windows tablets PC to music is very good.The biggest drawback is the use of earplugs, for some people, is a painful thing, and the bacteria, damage the ear canal.
Than in-ear headphones has a huge advantage on the quality.The disadvantage is that low-cost headset generally bass effect is not very good, big volume and not easy to carry, suitable for music enthusiasts in a quiet place to use.
Watching TV drama
See the advantage of video is video online without having to download and save the storage space and download waiting time of the equipment.The disadvantage is that online video quality are vague, general and prone to caton.To chase play, of course, these are not important, can see like the first time the video is good.
Download to watch one of the biggest advantages is Cheap tablets high quality, when viewed don't have to worry about buffer and broken network, collectors and images of some films parties are keen.Download to watch the video of faults already mentioned in front, need to download, take up the space is large in advance (some blu-ray quality film needs more than 20 g space).
Reading a book
The advantage of the Kindle is cheaper than flat light, and the Kindle a longer battery life, e-ink screen also is more suitable for the traditional reading way, if you are fond of reading small endowment or literary youth, Kindle reader is a very good choice.
As for the disadvantage of the Kindle, nature is only used to read a book.
Tablet has the advantage of strong scalability, can see a wide variety of books on the Internet and text content.Defect is limited electricity, and reading is just one of the functions of the tablet, ordinary people get to see for a while also, Windows tablets PC for sale really a little spoiling tablet only used to read a book.
Mobile phone software
The advantage of the iphone application is pure and compatible.Set up by phone makers are tailored for mobile phones and can be good to play to the performance of the mobile phone, and there would be no advertising and product delivery.Disadvantages, since mobile phones with the scalability of the application generally poor, on the customization of mobile phones is hard to meet the requirements of users.For don't want to spend time on Android Tablet PC the phone, and like the simple people, the application of the above is enough.
Download the APP and iphone applications, through the download and install the APP (third party applications) by different people, designed based on different requirements, so the APP in the personalization and do a better job to take care of the user's special requirements.
Main disadvantage of the APP is the more disorderly information such as advertising, on compatibility problems, but these problems finally by APP upgrades and patches. File storage
Cloud storage for users like convenient and quick, cloud storage do not take up space, and a lot of network location is free, and often a few T, even on the phone with cloud storage function.Cloud storage is not convenient place is that it is not a real file form, when used to download.If the network can't, can let a person very collapse.
The advantage of mobile hard disk is plug and play, there Android Tablet PC is no password, and account security issues, so in terms of security is better than cloud storage, good for store important files.Defect is carrying trouble, hard disk, but also need to be via USB connection, if the computer or USB hard drive out of the question, that would be in trouble.
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