As Stuart weitzman shoes big push into the Asian market, petite Asian girls are also fell in love with the queen "boot" from the United States.Claims for the legs to hold you for a second change big long legs.The contraction of unique design, make crus flesh Nowhere to hide all away.It take charge of 5050 beautiful boots for 20 years history.But no proud long legs of the ordinary people how to wear the artifact charm?Follow the European and American actress to learn together!
New York socialite Olivia - palmer le (Olivia Palermo) is the Stuart Weitzman Women's Sandals "boot", teach you a dress, jeans and leggings, with a focus on the harmony of color, make boots more presence.Little sister might as well put the boot when "half in" directly, spies thigh sexy and fashionable.
NUDIST as Stuart Weitzman's signature style on the red carpet and street snap recently big mirror, before the LOVEFRINGE series not only inherited the fine of the NUDIST bandages and 4.5 inch stiletto heel, but also joined in ankle take place as the spring Stuart weitzman shoes breeze swaying tassel is designed, and the elaborate production, soft suede this bold attempt to Bohemian eye-catching fashion again.
Known as the boots of Stuart Weitzman will own boots kingdom also moved to the summer, make boots are no longer belong to winter and the summer essential fashionable element.Enter ROCKERCHIC series, streamlined sleek boots line, spring, summer, feels dye-in-the-wood fossil ash and suede brown, contrasting polished heel.In the summer the same radiant and BIKER series and knee boots, fashionable retro and modern monks in the 70 s shoe buckles and stacked heels design, combining to chun xia's boots series brought infinite energy and vitality.
Brand will also style design inspiration from the 70 s and the disco era of unruly charm, the combination of the return of shoes let a charming agitation to put back the clock, through the contrasting colors and full of sense of the future Stuart Weitzman Women's Sandals structure details Sexy charm of the restoring ancient ways with modern perfect collision.Dazzling KEYPUNCH series through the line of three-dimensional thick bottom color of flower details and metal, let evening wear more fashionable and elegant shape.Also have hollow out the SOUNDTRACK series of metallic thick bottom, made of white paint and black suede leather, and ready to become a world-class fashionistas flocking of wish list. The spring and summer, of course, also From men's shoes neutral design inspiration, on the basis of the traditional men's shoes design the unique innovation.We will see the color contrast, thick bottom with lace and animal embossing oxfords, college, the wind mixed with elegance.SCHOOLDAYS series fan lace design and sophisticated use of loafers of neuter color, in the original playboy the wind into a unique urban recreational feeling.Another COLLEGIATE series, knead to a variety of elements, the elements of loafers and sandals design together, hundred handmade.The design of this unique attention, cleverly into the charm of men shoes.
Stuart Weitzman holdings co., LTD., is the world's leading brand of quality shoes, in the United States has 45 specialty stores, including New York, Beverly hills, Chicago, Boston and Las Vegas and other places.Also has 69 specialty stores in the whole world, between Stuart Weitzman Women's Sandals the inn in inn, e-commerce sites covered the United States, Canada, Europe and Hong Kong.Stuart Weitzman shoes and accessories series sold in over 70 countries.Stuart Weitzman now Sycamore Partners, one of the independent operation of the company. Grasp and create the beautiful line of shoes for the purpose of structure, the founder and designer Stuart Weitzman Mr Biggest goal is to combine fashion and function.As a woman wake up the first put on, at the same time also is the last thing before sleeping to remove personal items, Stuart Weitzman design make shoes to wear, like look, beautiful and comfortable.
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